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Two stacks of trusses sitting on a construction siteThe Truss Shop at Post Frame Plus is where innovation meets craftsmanship in the heart of Colorado. Born from a necessity to overcome industry challenges of long lead times and compromised quality, our Truss Shop represents a pivotal shift towards excellence in engineered wood trusses for residential, agricultural, and commercial construction projects.

The genesis of our Truss Shop was a response to the dual challenges of prolonged project timelines and inconsistent quality standards that we, and many others in the post frame construction industry, faced. Recognizing that these challenges were not unique to us, we embarked on a journey to create a solution that not only served our needs but also set a new standard for quality and reliability in truss manufacturing.

Today, our Truss Shop boasts a dedicated team of professionals committed to producing engineered designs tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that every truss we manufacture embodies our unwavering dedication to detail and quality.

Truss Design and Manufacturing

At Post Frame Plus, we specialize in the manufacture of wood roof and floor trusses, tailored for a wide range of construction projects. Our co-founders, bringing together vast experience in general contracting and corporate sales management, have cultivated a business ethos centered on delivering exceptional products and services, customized to meet the unique needs of each project.

This commitment to quality and customer service permeates our entire organization, fostering productive partnerships with customers, vendors, and trades alike.

  • Custom Truss Design and Manufacturing
    Leveraging state-of-the-art design technology, we manufacture all trusses to order, adhering to precise engineering specifications. Our process is collaborative, involving close coordination with contractors, architects, and engineers to ensure optimal service and satisfaction.

  • Advantages of Our Truss Systems
    Our engineered truss designs offer significant benefits over traditional framing techniques, including time and cost savings, increased stability, and enhanced strength, without the need for costly engineering services.

  • Expert Team
    Our experienced staff has encountered nearly every truss design challenge imaginable. With a long history of successful projects under our belt, we welcome the opportunity to tackle complex and demanding projects, delivering solutions that meet all building codes and exceed expectations.

Comprehensive Support

From free estimates for walk-in or telephone inquiries to free in-house consultations, we're here to assist you in determining the best construction solution for your project. Our design and engineering services are tailored to reduce completion times and maximize structural integrity, ensuring a seamless and efficient building process.

  • Free Estimates and Consultations
    Offering free estimates for both walk-in or telephone inquiries and free in-house consultations to help decide the right construction solution for your project.

  • Tailored Design and Engineering
    Our services are customized for your project, aiming to reduce completion time and maximize structural integrity with our expert design and engineering.

  • Seamless and Efficient Building Process
    We ensure a building process that is not only efficient but also seamless, providing support and solutions every step of the way.

Commitment to Quality and Delivery

Post Frame Plus is dedicated to producing high-quality roof and floor trusses at competitive prices. Our own fleet of delivery trucks enables us to offer flexible delivery schedules, accommodating the unique timelines of your project. By choosing Post Frame Plus for your truss needs, you're not just getting a product; you're gaining a partner committed to the success of your construction endeavor.

Embrace the Post Frame Plus difference, where every truss is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Let us elevate your next project with our engineered solutions, designed to bring your vision to life with precision and excellence.

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